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Found Photo Archive 4 by re-source Found Photo Archive 4 by re-source
This is an interesting pair of shots. It appears to be a family session from likely the 1870s-1880s, but the shot is quite messed up, perhaps a bad exposure, besides movement and sort of " ghosts" in the shot. Very interesting mistakes.

From personal collection.

Uploaded photo at higher resolution.
BarryKiddPhotography Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2003  Professional Photographer
Well I have decided to give another one of your photos a try and do it for real instead of a quick fix. This time I am going to work with Found Photo Archive 4 here. Iím not really very busy with work right now and I donít often get the chance to attempt a restoration of this magnitude. I want to fix the top photo but I have the bottom to pull from for cloning, ďspare partsĒ and the like.

I went to the site that you gave me in the link and got a better version of it and placed it into an interpralation program and pumped it up a lot more. In fact I cropped the top to 10in x 8in bumped it up to a whapping 900dpi right now it sets at 7200 x 9000 px and is 240 MB. I was surprised at how nice the resolution was retained even with interpralation.

Seems like a lot and since I have allocated so much space for this thing it will most likely be a flop LOL. Regardless we will see in a week or two. Iíll keep ya posted. Wish me luck Iíll need it

Thank you so much for these great photos,

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September 5, 2003
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